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Winter Nudity

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21 Jul, 2022

Winter Nudity

What’s going on in winter under a naked tree? As the final month of winter approaches, it signals trees to start forming buds for the new season’s growth. Your tree’s health relies on the protection of those buds.

For fast-growing trees, a light dressing of fertilizer could be beneficial. Apply a layer of organic mulch, it protects the soil from frosts and conditions the soil with the release of nutrients.

Protecting swollen buds from pests is also important. Possums love tapping into the rich source of food found in buds as do some birds! Insects and diseases do kill trees! Good monitoring of your trees can catch any problems early giving you time to react. Putting possum bait or traps in your garden can help, as you will be able to see what is around by how often you need to attend to bait stations or traps.

Damage control is imperative as breaks and tears from winter storms draw energy away from the preparation of new growth, compromising the health and future growth of the tree. Ideally, you want the tree to put all its energy into the development of fresh new growth.

Anyone can hack at a tree, the professional arborist’s job is to assess, and prune your valuable trees correctly so that they heal quickly and successfully whether it is proactive or reactive- in the case of storm damage.

A nude tree offers a clear view of potential issues and provides a great opportunity to visually access your tree for damage and insect or pathological infestations.