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There are many great reasons to prune your trees.

We are often called to look at a tree that a client reluctantly thinks has to be removed due to shading of the house/backyard or even view, power line interference, and storm damage. Our expertise in understanding the nature of a specific tree allows us to often find a solution that enables the client to keep their tree and good result. Whether it is clearance from around power lines, reduction of the canopy, crown lifting the tree to maximize clearance from underneath, or strategic pruning to reduce bulky foliage, our arborists will give you the result you are looking for and allow you to keep your lovely tree.

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The health of many trees can be vastly improved by regular pruning. Hedges in particular require frequent pruning to keep the foliage tight and fresh and away from paths, and property. Removal of targeted limbs can greatly reduce some trees risk of splitting out during storms. The practice of proactively removing the dead branches from trees minimises the chances of these branches damaging people and property when they do eventually fall away from the tree.

Lastly of course are fruit trees and the correct pruning of which will make a huge impact on the size and abundance of your fruit. We are trained professionals and know when and where to prune correctly to maximise your bounty from these great trees.

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