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Windthrown trees

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3 Mar, 2023

Windthrown trees

As NZ experiences extreme wild weather, so too is it more likely there will be severe tree damage. It is essential that the homeowner understands how to manage the risks that these trees present.   I cannot emphasize how dangerous a storm-damaged tree can be. They can be unstable, unpredictable, and under huge tension and compression.

Complications include unstable root plates, limbs wedged between standing trees, shattered tree tops that create ground hazards, heavy trees leaning on other trees, and root plates springing up or root balls rolling.

Windthrown trees should only be felled or managed by qualified or experienced arborists. These trees require a high level of planning to get the trees down without further damage to other trees, property, or people.

This is not a job for the capable DIY human, it’s one left to the experts.