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Tree care for Schools

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3 Nov, 2023

Tree care for Schools

If you are part of a School Board of Trustees you will know how critical it is to provide a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors.

We recommend regular tree maintenance and assessment of your green asset to minimize future costs, reduce the risk of damage to property and people, and ensure trees are unable to be accessed by children and the public to breach school security.

We offer a cost-free annual visual health inspection to identify any signs of disease, decay, damage, or decline in the tree’s health. Annual assessments will also allow the arborist to identify a tree that has changed in its behavior eg. has started to lean and may be a dangerous tree. It may facilitate a long-term vision for the school which could include formative pruning over many years to achieve a desired shape eg. the canopy spreading over an outside seating area for shade or a classroom that gets afternoon sun.

Early intervention will always provide a better chance of mitigation or recovery and optimal tree health is what we aim to achieve.

Strategic pruning will help to ensure your tree remains suitable for the space it’s in and can help reduce the chances of breaks and tears in bad weather causing damage to people, the tree, or property.

We already provide this service for many local schools, play centers etc. and they benefit greatly from being able to budget annually for their vegetation asset, ensuring their asset is in good condition. The children are as safe as possible and they have met their obligations for health and safety.

Don’t risk leaving an assessment to an unqualified but well-meaning groundsman. For peace of mind, safety of people and property, and compliance get a qualified expert to assess any risks.

The Treeman is committed to helping keep your students, staff, and the public safe.

With over 30 years of experience, a qualified Horticulturist and Arborist as well as having the international tree risk assessment qualification (ISA TRAQ) you can be sure Mike can guide you honestly and with integrity. We know what we are doing.