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Topping hurts trees.

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28 Jul, 2023

Topping hurts trees.

Topping trees is very stressful for the tree. If more than 50% of the leaf-bearing crown is removed, a tree can be temporarily starved, compromising its health and its ability to recover.

Topping can also lead to decay if multiple cuts are made along lateral branches leaving large stubs. The tree may struggle to “wall off” the wound site restricting the healing process.

Topping can also suddenly expose remaining foliage to high levels of sunlight previously screened, leaving the foliage scorched and tissue below the bark sunburnt.

When a tree is topped it causes the production of multiple shoots. These shoots do not develop in the socket of overlapping wood as normal but attach to the outermost layers. These shoots can grow rapidly and will be weak. They are prone to breaking especially in strong winds and may present a significant safety risk.

Reasons for clients requesting topping usually include a tree that has become too big and is creating too much shade, or perhaps a tree that is in the power-lines.

Talk to us about a solution that allows good arboriculture practice and keeps the health of the tree in mind while achieving the desired result.

Other options may include crown thinning, crown lifting, or a reduction.