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Summer casualties

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4 Nov, 2020

Summer casualties

When necessities of life are scarce, the old, young, and compromised decline first. The hot weather is fantastic, but pot plants, vege gardens, and lawns all need additional water. Trees are also showing signs of stress, and will need attention if they’re to get through the dry summer.

Early signs of compromise include smaller leaf development, drooping of the foliage making the tree look “sad”, early autumnal leaf colour and premature leaf drop. We were sad to see a 100yr pine tree on a dry exposed bank succumb to stress, taking out 3 fences in its path. Natives are showing signs of stress with droop and browning leaves. Fruit trees depleted of energy post fruiting are also showing very early leaf drop.

Deep watering is needed to save your precious trees and a mulch application around the drip line will enhance the soil’s ability to keep the essential moisture in. Arborist mulch is cheap and easy to use, we sell it at $100 5cubic meters. If you have a tree in decline, call us for an assessment as they can quickly become dangerous.