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Stake it right, save its life!

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30 May, 2022

Stake it right, save its life!

With the weather starting to deteriorate it’s a great reminder to check on your trees that are currently staked and any other young trees that may need the extra support of a stake.

Ensure any supports are in the ground deep enough to offer maximum structural stability and the ties are firm but not cutting into the stem. We recommend using 3 stakes around the tree placing them outside of the hole or 30 cm away from the trunk. Staking too close to the trunk will not allow natural movement which encourages the growth of the tree’s own support roots.  Angle the stakes roughly a 5-degree away from the tree and don’t attach the stake at the top, as the load is likely to snap the support structure.

Use the stake as leverage if the tree has a bend or a lean to encourage the tree to grow straight, and always tie around the trunk and not the branches.

Jute webbing would be our choice for attachment as it allows movement and will not cut into the tree.

Trees that are lacking in stability can easily snap in strong wind gusts which could be fatal for your tree so it’s worth the effort to give them some help when they need it. In nature that help would come in the form of other plants and trees, but as we often plant trees alone, we would be wise to give them this support through other means.