Professional tree removal and pruning in Franklin and South Auckland
No job is too big or small for the The Treeman. We cover all aspects of tree care and can provide you with honest and professional advice if you are unsure of what steps you should take with your trees. Our equipment is specifically designed for our clients' needs and our team of arborists are trained in the latest techniques to ensure work is executed safely and cost effectively. Our services include:

  •     Tree removals - including removals from difficult places and very large trees
  •     Crown lifting - to allow clearance underneath the tree
  •     Reduction - to reduce the bulk of trees, whilst retaining a natural form
  •     Strategic Pruning - to allow clearance from property, driveways or to allow more light to pass through the tree
  •     Deadwooding - to remove dying or dead limbs in danger or falling
  •     Repair Work - after storms or accidents
  •     Hedge Trimming
  •     Fruit Tree Pruning
  •     Power Line Clearing
  •     Stump Grinding - removes the stump so the ground can be re-instated or to allow further planting.
  •     Consultancy and Arborists reports: for council or insurance companies, and for future maintenance programmes
  •     We are fully insured and offer a no obligation quote
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