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Outsmart the possums!

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16 Nov, 2021

Outsmart the possums!

Possums are an introduced pest and eat new foliage, flowers, and fruit from your trees, and of course, they decimate our bird population by eating birds’ eggs too.

We have a simple and effective way to foil the annoying possums in a way that is safe for the tree. We can install clear possum guards around your tree stopping possums in their tracks. It’s like a roadblock where access beyond that point is not accessible for the possum.

The plastic does not allow the pests to obtain any grip to climb or progress any further up the tree. They do not fasten to the tree and unlike metal guards, they will not heat up and potentially damage the tree.

Possums and rats will often use trees to access your house and get into the roof space. If you put bait down you may have that ghastly smell of a diseased creature in your roof to endure for months while it decomposes.

The guards are efficiently installed and are aesthetically unobtrusive. We recommend that they be checked once every 2 years to ensure they don’t need to be adjusted for growth.

Yes, you can have your tree and free it from possums and rats.

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