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New Year and New Ideas

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5 Nov, 2020

New Year and New Ideas

Welcoming in the New Year carries all sorts of promises to ourselves and hopefully some of those involve our gardens.

If you really want your trees to look their best you need to have a plan and be proactively maintaining them. Reduction of heavy foliage to prevent breakages during growth periods and even reductions in canopy size to maintain good shape is essential, especially if you are in a suburban environment. Removing deadwood and repair of any breaks is also important for the prevention of decay. Where possible we try to find a solution to a problem tree, allowing it to remain an asset, offering shade, privacy, aesthetics and even food for insects and birds.

Sometimes the decision has to be made that the tree planted years ago is just not suitable in its space anymore. Many clients hold on to the sentiment of a tree only to find when it’s gone they had forgotten the view and space their garden once offered. Call us to talk through any issues you may have and discuss the ongoing health of your trees to keep your garden looking its best.

That way you can work on any New Year promises you have made elsewhere!