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Neighbourly neighbours

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6 Nov, 2020

Neighbourly neighbours

A lovely aspect about living in Auckland is that everyone is so friendly, and for the most part get on well with each other. Our clients have become our friends over the years and neighbours too may become friends as a matter of geography.

It’s accepted that you may prune back any of your neighbours trees that encroach over your boundary, and even place debris back over the fence into their property. Whilst this may be the law, it does not help diplomatic relations and in some cases may cause future damage to your property. A tree that is visually unbalanced can not only be unsightly but may compromise the stability of that tree.

The Treeman can offer a methodology that results in an aesthetically pleasing tree and happy neighbours. Reducing overhanging branches in one property may require climbing into the offending tree and even a reduction all round, allowing for future growth. Costs may be shared, or the neighbour with the issue may cover costs including balancing the tree as a good will gesture. If the relationship is strained it is sometimes easier to have an expert to talk through the issue.

We are the experts and have years of experience mediating between neighbours to arrive at workable solutions that are acceptable to both parties.