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Getting the balance right.

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30 Jun, 2023

Getting the balance right.

Trimming trees promotes healthy growth, improves aesthetics, and improves safety.

A crucial aspect of trimming trees is to obtain balance. Not only does a balanced tree look great but could also improve its ability to withstand forces of nature like gale-force winds!

As arborists, we can encourage balance in trees in several ways. First, we have to understand the specific growth patterns of the tree. Next, we remove crossing branches and diseased or dead wood.

Where applicable we want to maintain a central dominant leader, so we remove any competing upright branches. This creates a strong framework.

By observing the silhouette of the tree, we identify any areas of excessive growth or areas that lack growth. In an unbalanced tree, we can prune and reduce on one side while using directional pruning to encourage growth and vigor on the other side.

Achieving the desired shape may take several years while safeguarding the health of the tree and not compromising its ability to recover quickly.

For this reason, a long-term vision will be needed. It’s not going to happen overnight so you will need patience.

Of course, working alongside a great arborist would also be desirable.


If conditions are less than ideal, perhaps out the edges of the Awhitu Peninsular, or the top of the Bombay hills,  then getting that balance could be a struggle😊

It may just be that the tree’s magic is in its imbalance and its ability to stay standing. It could be something that is a marvel to be in awe of and could be awesome for kids and climbing fun.

Personally, I think trees are great in any shape, but there may be times when pruning can make all the difference to the survival and aesthetics of your tree.