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Deciduous tree nutrition.

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29 Feb, 2024

Deciduous tree nutrition.

To give your deciduous fruit trees a head start for next season’s fruit, an application of sulphate of potash just before your tree begins its dormancy period can make a huge difference for tree health and fruit buds.

Before entering dormancy, deciduous trees allocate resources towards root growth and nutrient storage to support future growth. Sulphate of potash helps root development and enhances the tree’s ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. By promoting root growth and nutrient uptake, the tree can accumulate reserves,  providing a vital energy source for spring growth.

The dormant season serves as a period for tree preparation and rejuvenation for spring growth so the sulphate of potash application primes deciduous trees for the upcoming growing season and enhances stress resistance. This helps trees to have vigorous bud break, lush foliage development, and improved overall health.

Don’t just reach for your general fertilizer, as you are not trying to promote new growth, you are helping your tree to get ready for Spring. It’s important to buy Sulphate of Potash, as the key ingredient is potassium.

Apply sulphate of potash around the dripline where most of the roots will be found just as the first leaves start to fall.

Make sure you follow all the instructions on the bag as gloves and masks are often recommended.