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14 Jul, 2021


Coffee for you and your trees!

When you enjoy a barista-made coffee from your favorite café grab some of the used coffee grinds, and recycle them into your garden.

If you mix it with arborist chip it will make an excellent mulch for around your trees. The grinds will help the mulch retain moisture and the nitrogen will seep into the soil as an available source, to feed your plants.

Alternatively use the grinds in your compost bin, worms love them and they will speed up the decomposition process too.

If you don’t have a compost bin or mulch, just spread the grinds around the base of your trees and the garden, the worms, and the rain will do the rest. Just make sure they don’t compact on the surface and stop the rain from getting through to the soil.

Coffee grinds are free and readily available, and you can feel good about recycling a waste product while your garden will benefit and smell awesome!

Everyone wins, including the earth!