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Balancing Light and Privacy, the power of tree thinning in Auckland.

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28 Apr, 2024

Balancing Light and Privacy, the power of tree thinning in Auckland.

Trees in Auckland are often used as screens from neighbors, but this can sometimes lead to very dark areas of the property. You would be amazed at the difference a strategic tree thinning makes to allowing natural light to areas shaded by trees. This not only feels good, but is also practical. Allowing light into dark areas can reduce moss and mold growth on decks, stairs, paths and even curtains and windowsills. This practice involves selectively removing certain branches to create a canopy that filters sunlight while maintaining seclusion.

Thinning trees in Auckland can be a solution for properties where privacy is desired without completely blocking out all light.

To achieve balance between light and privacy, it’s essential to assess your property’s layout, the surrounding landscape, and your specific preferences. It may be that behind your own tree is a neighbor’s tree that is providing even more blocking out of your light than your own tree.

As arborist we take all these into account as well as the movement of the sun to get maximum light through the canopy while removing as little foliage as possible.

We take care not to compromise the structural integrity of the tree and of course use best practice pruning techniques. We do not want to encourage a flurry of new and  perhaps weaker growth, when we are trying to reduce the growth or canopy cover.

No more than 25% of live growth should be removed in any year. This is to ensure the tree is able to recover and continue to thrive.

Topping should never be used as a solution to obtaining more light.

Sometimes a crown lift is the solution to allow light to penetrate through the foliage. This is when we remove growth from the lower canopy.