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Magnificent Magnolias

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28 Jul, 2021

Magnificent Magnolias

Magnificent Magnolias.

Deciduous Magnolias are spectacular at the end of winter when the flowers appear before the leaves.  This behavior is known as hysteranthous, and its purpose is thought to attract more insects for pollination by mass flowering.

The other theory is that the buds have lower temp requirements, so they can emerge sooner than the leaves.

Either way, they are stunning and make the most spectacular specimen trees. They are highly symmetrical and come in a range of sizes and colours, although it is only the outside petals that are coloured, the inside ones are always white.


If you want to get the best out of your tree here are a few hints:

  • Magnolias prefer slightly acidic soil.
  • They tolerate wet soil but hate drying out so make sure you give them extra water over a dry summer.
  • Mulch to retain the moisture and protect the roots.
  • Support the newly planted tree by staking, but remember to remove them after 18 months.
  • The Magnolia Tree bark is easily damaged, so avoid hitting the trees with the weed eater or lawnmower.
  • Pruning for shape should be done when the tree is young because Magnolias do not heal quickly and the trees’ health might be compromised if a large limb must be removed.
  • Ongoing maintenance should be light deadwood removal.