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Wound management after damage.

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27 Jun, 2024

Wound management after damage.

When there is a tear, split,  or broken branch, it is important to tidy the wound to allow the tree to heal quickly. Remedial action can vastly improve the recovery and the continued survival of a tree after a break.

Remove any branches still attached to the tree, including the jagged remains of smaller broken branches. Prune small branches back to the parent limb, which is where the smaller branch joins the larger limb.

Larger branches should be pruned back to the main trunk or stem. Do not cut below the branch collar (you can identify this as a swollen area where the smaller branch meets the larger branch) as this will impact the flow of nutrients and water essential for the health of the tree.

By reducing the surface area, the tree can rapidly wall off the wound site to prevents insects and pathogens from entering.

Many trees have survived major tears and splits, but if you want your tree to thrive, it is essential you take steps to give it the best chance to recover quickly.