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Professional arborist climb in large tree
The Treeman's Tree Matters: Tips and Advice
August 2015

Safety - the cornerstone of the profession arborist.

As highly skilled arborists safety is paramount- both the client’s, staff and property. When approaching any tree, we assess the structure and integrity of the limbs and trunk, pattern of growth, identify decay, unbalanced weight, deadwood and previous poor pruning or tearing. Training and experience gives our arborists the vison of how the tree will look and what is required for it to remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing. The “she’ll be right” attitude of the unprofessional may result in damage to the tree for its lifetime or worse, damage to anybody having a go. Tree removal is tricky, especially in confined spaces -all trees do not behave the same way, its best left to the experts. .

Jobs for the month:

Hedge trimming pre spring , especially those Photinia and Eugenia for their brilliance of colour

 Pruning and shaping the deciduous trees before they too begin to leaf up and pip and stone fruit tree pruning.

Check trees are not close to power lines before the growth season –being proactive will save costly call outs and prevent power loss..

If in any doubt, consult The Treeman, we are happy to advise you.

May 2015

Birds, Bees and the colour of Autumn.

When deciduous trees are in full gorgeous colour and the temperatures start to drop, it’s worth considering the birds and the bees and what their needs might be. Planting winter flowering plants will bring them in to feast when food is short. Planting trees and shrubs like Kowhai, Bottlebrush, some Pittosporum s and Banksia species ensures your place will be the favourite take away joint for the local Tui and honey bee! You’ll need those bees to pollinate your fruit trees in a few months!

Good mulching is essential at this time to moderate the soil temperature, suppress weeds and nurture the ground, especially, for exotics like Rhododendrons and Camellias. Good proactive pruning too on early flowering trees like Magnolias ensures there is no lost energy in making buds that will then be removed with a late and hasty spring prune. Remember to reduce excessive weight on evergreen trees that may lead to splitting of limbs due to high winds and heavy rain over winter as well as removal of dead wood on your deciduous trees before they break away.

Stay warm and leave the heavy difficult work to us!

Febuary 2015

Neighbourly neighbours

A lovely aspect about living in Auckland is that everyone is so friendly, and for the most part get on well with each other. Our clients have become our friends over the years and neighbours too may become friends as a matter of geography.

It’s accepted that you may prune back any of your neighbour’s trees that encroach over your boundary, and even place debris back over the fence into their property. Whilst this may be the law, it does not help diplomatic relations and in some cases may cause future damage to your property. A tree that is visually unbalanced can not only be unsightly but may compromise the stability of that tree. 

The Treeman can offer a methodology that results in an aesthetically pleasing tree and happy neighbours. Reducing overhanging branches in one property may require climbing into the offending tree and even a deduction all round, allowing for future growth. Costs may be shared, or the neighbour with the issue may cover costs including balancing the tree as a good will gesture. If the relationship is strained it is sometimes easier to have an expert to talk through the issue.

We are the experts and have years of experience mediating between neighbours to arrive at workable solutions that are acceptable to both parties.


January 20015

New Year and New Ideas

Welcoming in the New Year carries all sorts of promises to ourselves and hopefully some of those involve our gardens.

If you really want your trees to look their best you need to have a plan and be proactively maintaining them. Reduction of heavy foliage to prevent breakages during growth periods and even reductions in canopy size to maintain good shape is essential, especially if you are in a suburban environment. Removing deadwood and repair of any breaks is also important for the prevention of decay. Where possible we try to find a solution to a problem tree, allowing it to remain an asset, offering shade, privacy, aesthetics and even food for insects and birds.

Sometimes the decision has to be made that the tree planted years ago is just not suitable in its space anymore. Many clients hold on to the sentiment of a tree only to find when it’s gone they had forgotten the view and space their garden once offered. Call us to talk through any issues you may have and discuss the ongoing health of your trees to keep your garden looking its best.

That way you can work on any New Year promises you have made elsewhere!

Professional arborist climb in large tree
Tree grab carrying trunk in Awhitu
Pine Tree removal in Big Bay Awhitu
Limb removal of large Oak tree in Manukau
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