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Phoenix Palms

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9 Nov, 2020

Phoenix Palms

A new year often spurs us to get things done and do things better this year.

If you have one of the previously popular Phoenix Palms in your property that has outgrown the space or is now shabby , maybe its time to be brave. They can look great, and are wind resistant, but the rats, pigeons and cockroaches love them too. They have poisonous spikes at the trunk end of the fronds which are incredibly painful under your skin, are very messy, and the sap and moisture -like many palms- is highly corrosive to your chainsaw and will “ eat ” it from the inside out, if not cleaned properly after use. The fibrous “wood” is heavy and the debris is not easy to dispose of.

A removal is not for the inexperienced, you need a professional for this job. If you palm doesn’t need removing, regular maintenance is essential as they become very unsightly, but we could make it great again 😊

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