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Lichen on your trees?

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5 May, 2022

Lichen on your trees?

Worried about lichen on your plants?

Don’t panic they are not detrimental to your tree’s health. They are simply using your tree as an anchor point. Lichen is a symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae. The fungus provides the structure and the algae provide the fungus with energy in the form of sugars.

Although lichens are tough and can live almost anywhere in the world, some varieties are very sensitive to pollution and can be awesome indicators of air quality.

If your garden has lots of different varieties everywhere, there is a good chance you have clean air and a healthy environment.

When the lichen dies, they add valuable micronutrients to the garden and enrich the soil.

Our small country is home to one-tenth of the world’s species of lichens. New species are still being discovered, with 13 new species identified in the last 4 years in New Zealand alone.

They offer shelter and a home to tiny creatures including native snails, tiny mites, and invertebrate larvae. These creatures in turn provide food for other critters.

Rejoice in the colours and textures they offer to your garden space and the extra layer of interest.

The more diversity you have in the garden the healthier and more resilient it will be.