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Dead and dangerous.

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21 Oct, 2021

Dead and dangerous.

A dead tree presents major risks to property and people. As the fibers break down, the tree’s structural integrity is compromised and becomes brittle and prone to breaking. This is where you will get branches snapping as the tree moves in even light wind.

What is happening above ground is mirrored below ground too. Roots will also likely be in decline, which creates instability of the tree and its anchorage making the tree prone to blowing over.

The danger in removing a large dead tree is the inability of the tree to hold its own weight and the extreme unpredictability of the tree’s behavior.

As arborists, we have a few options. If felling is not possible, then we may use large overhanging trees as anchor points for our ropes, or alternatively, we could utilize machine assistance. We are experts and will use all our knowledge and experience to find a way that removes a dead tree in a controlled manner safely for the client, the environment, and our arborists.

The whole tree will be recycled into fantastic mulch that will condition the soil and support the next generation of plants.

Large dead trees in close proximity to people and buildings are dangerous and should be removed as soon as you become aware your tree has died.

The sooner you do this, the safer it will be.